Reviews and Opinions

all © 2002, 2003, 2004 by Stephanie Lee Jackson

Soul Economics --People who don't buy art will go to hell.

Emerge 2001 --Possibly the only review written of this exhibition; better late than never.
Letter to Mark --Film criticism as a thinly veiled excuse for bone-crushing lust.

Pop Stars --NOT the TV show, not the CD, or not the one you think. Rebecca and Emily rock.

Libby Pace

Libby Pace

The saga of the glorious window.

Margaret Kilgallen

Elegy for Margaret

Elegy for Margaret --Some stories are hard to write.

PBS special

Webfiles catalog

Kristin Calabrese

My old buddy in trench warfare.

The Agony Thing, 1998

Alicia McCarthy

"It's hard to work with Alicia screaming..."

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